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What is the PPT?

Photography Promotion Trust (PPT), the first of its kind in India, is a non-profit trust created to use photography as a tool for engagement in marginalised communities and to support photographers who want to tell stories through pictures in a way that fosters social change.

The Philosophy of the PPT

Visual Metaphors have always struck a chord in the consciousness of a civilised society. Images and motifs have a power, that when used correctly do wonders for mankind. For ages - paintings, etchings, sculptures have moulded and shaped people’s thinking and most recently Photographs have helped shaped the world we live in and how we perceive our surroundings or places and people far from us. Photos have proved to be a gateway into the lives of many. The PPT’s main mission is to tap into this aspect of Photography and use it to create - awareness, dialogue and ultimately create change in communities both urban and Rural. 

The PPT firmly believes that the camera can be used as a positive tool to engage with communities and that photography can be used to facilitate deep and lasting social change. Since it’s inception, the trust has constantly strived and experimented with different modes and methods to use the power of photography. This has involved creating platforms for marginalised communities to speak via workshops for young adolescents and women in Rural and Semi-Urban Areas. Intensive workshops with these groups have resulted in beautiful pictures and stories, Images they shared have helped organisations better understand the social issues and problems in the context of the people themselves. Their intimate photos are a window into their lives and how they look at it. 

Engagement with communities is done on a grassroots level with local involvement and interactions through participation. Programs by the PPT have created positive social impact in urban slum areas, in the lives of domestic violence survivors, children of conservancy workers and many more. Read more about the Social Impact by PPT 

In the 10 years that PPT has done workshops, it has focused on a few key elements: 
  1. Providing opportunities for young people from disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society to learn photography and to use photographs to help them in identifying and collectively addressing problems in their respective social and natural environments
  2. Creating a vibrant community of image makers dedicated to using photography in order to raise awareness of critical issues that are often ignored by the mainstream media. 
  3. Providing a platform for professionals, students to learn about social documentary photography. 

Our mission is to promote social photography as a means of exploring, examining and altering the lives of the marginalised sections of society. We are committed to work towards advancing documentary photography with both communities, stake holders and students wanting to use their talents for the society’s good. Photographs have the potential to transform mindsets and to bring about great changes. Photography is a language that all humans understand. Images remain with us for longer periods, often altering our worldview. PPT aims to utilize this power of photography in building a more tolerant and cooperative society. 

Our Journey

In our decade long journey, we have accomplished many milestones and goals.


Foundation Starts

The PPT is founded by Photojournalist Sudharak Olwe along with many professional Photographers from around India and Europe. It all started during a sit down session with a few photographer friends and was soon turned into reality with the help of former trustees Ravi Nair, Ravi Shekar, Mamata Patil and Anita Olwe. 


The Delwara Project

One of our first major projects, we patterned with Seva Mandir and National Foundation of India to conduct workshops for over 80 rural youth producing over 7500 images about different issues which culminated with an Exhibition in the village. Read more here...


Published "In Search of Dignity and Justice" with TATA Trusts

Photo Documentation of the lives of Mumbai's Conservancy workers and associated Research was published as a photo-book, inagurated by the Great Dalit Poet Namdeo Dhasal. 


Diploma for Children of Conservancy Workers

PPT in association with Xavier's Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai launched the first Free Diploma Course in Photography for Children of Conservancy Workers. The project aimed to crush the decades old social cycle of these Manual Scavenging jobs being passed on from generation to generation.


Atrocity Victims Council

The Atrocity Victims' Council was convened at the Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh on 7th of April 2018. Victims and Activists fighting for Dalit Rights shared their stories and experiences with the press and the public.


The PPT's backbone is it's dedicated team of Photographers and Mentors. Their constant hardwork and perseverance has give us the ability to make change.


Apurva Olwe
Social Worker

TISS Alumni and Social Worker, Apurva has been part of many PPT projects over the years. Co-ordinating and Volunteering for workshops alongside the team.


Ravi Shekhar

A multi faceted personality with interests in Art, Film and Photography. Ravi Shekhar has been a mentor to numerous workshops and is a founder member. 


Helena Schatzle

An Award Winning Photographer whose work has been widley pulished. Helena has been an essential part of the PPT Movement and is a part of many on-going projects. 


Sudharak Olwe

Padmashri Winner and acclaimed photojournalist. Sudharak Olwe founded the PPT with the aim of nurturing positive impacts in the society with the camera. 


Anuja Gupta

Adventurist and Photographer, Anuja has headed many PPT Programs and Exhibitions in Mumbai and elsewhere and been a Mentor to many students.

Team PPT is supported by our advisory board members and supporters: Dr. Shankar Ramaswami, Ajay Mehta,Yashraj Akashi, Martin D Souza, Venkat Krishna Kunduru,  Rituraj Kanwar - Photographer,The Hindu, Harish Tyagi (Photo Editor EPA), Sanjay Khanvilkar, Sanjay Ghagare, Dr.Sridhar Pawar, Dr. Rewat Kaninde, Dr.Akash Waghmare, Ashifa Sarkar, Malika lala, Malvika Sanghavi, Balu Jumledar, Parvez Damania, Rodrigo Canelas, Jay Weinstein, Catrina nordensson, Bjorn larsson and many more. We are grateful for your guidance and help. 

Support and Donate to Photography Promotion Trust. 

As a non-profit, all resources go towards funding workshops and other educational/documentation activities. You can donate any amount to support our different projects or invite us to conduct workshops for you or your institute. We are also looking for long-term funding to mount national projects in communities across the country.