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Social Impact by the PPT

The Impact of the Photography Promotion Trust can be seen in our many workshops, initiatives and social outreach programs.


Images Create Change

Moved by the images of horrific working condition of Mumbai’s Conservancy Workers, Industrialist Ratan Tata initiates “Mission Dignity” to tackle issues of health, education and waste. 


Crushing Evil
Social Cycles

A Free Diploma in Photography Course was initiated by PPT in association with Xaviers Institute of Communication for children of conservancy workers to break decades old cycle of passing down manual scavening jobs. 


Whose City?
Whose Right?

PPT in Collaboration with Coro sought to highlight the negative impact of Urban Restructuring on marginalised areas and their lack of access to civic amenities in the city of Mumbai through Public Exhibitions and Outreach Programs. 


Fighting Violence
with the Camera in UP

A Film Camera and a few rolls of stock is all it takes to break the taboo of not talking aout domestic violence in this small town of Uttar Pradesh. Heart wrenching stories of violence aree put forth through courage and the power of the camera. 


Engaging Rural Youth

2 Year long project breaks barriers between communities by reaching out to the village youth using photography. The Delwara Project is one of PPT’s most successful and engaging outreach programs.


Education for Pardhis

Outcast and Discriminated on basis of caste and class, the Pardhis have faced persecution for centuries. In 2017, while documenting their cases and realising that lack of Education is an important factor in their disrcimination. The PPT started the first ever Education Center for children of the Pardhi Tribe.


Developing Media Tools for Mental Health Awareness

A weeklong workshop to develop Communication Tools for Generating Mental Health Awarness in the state of Assam and focus on understanding the use of  media. Conducted in association with Ashadeep (A Mental Health Society) and TATA Trusts. 


Breaking Stereotypes and Empowering Muslim Women

A project that challeneged many norms and created a lasting impact. The Inspiring journey of a group of Muslim Women who have taken up the camera to fight stereotypes, gender bias and domestic violence.


Talking about Health and Sanitation in Dharavi

In the maze like Slums of Dharavi, PPT associated with SNEHA to document issues of health, hygiene and Sanitation through the eyes of locals like children, youth and women. Culminating in an powerful exhibition in the heart of the slums.


Atrocity Victims Council

The Atrocity Victims' Council was convened on the 7th of April 2018. Victims and Activists shared their stories and experiences with the press and the public.

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