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The Photography Promotion Trust (PPT) is a non-profit organisation that uses the skills of photography to create definitive change in the lives of socially marginalised communities and promotes Social documentary photography.

Founded in 2005, PPT is committed to work towards advancing social documentary photography and inspiring young individuals to create meaningful change in their communities. 


The Photography Promotion Trust, dedicates itself for yet another significant cause. Our mission is to empower farmers by gathering photographers from all around the country to contribute to the Dili Chalo Movement as farmers from across the country march towards Delhi to demand for a special session of Parliament on the agrarian crisis. The idea is to create awareness around the movement on social media through thought-evoking imagery, as it takes place on
29th and 30th November 2018.


Photo Documentation spurs action by Ratan Tata to launch “Mission Garima” to aid Conservancy Workers in Mumbai

Moved by images of the horrific working condition of Mumbai’s conservancy workers, industrialist Ratan Tata initiates “Mission Dignity” to tackle issues of health, education and waste.
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Photography Workshops bring communities together by engaging with youth in a small village in rural Rajasthan

A two year long project broke barriers between communities by reaching out to village youth using photography. The Delwara Project is one of PPT’s most successful and engaging outreach programs.
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Our Partners

We partner with various organisations around the world to create an impact in the lives of different communities and to provide them resources for education, research and documentation.

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As a non-profit, all resources go towards funding workshops and other educational/documentation activities. You can donate any amount to support our different projects or invite us to conduct workshops for you or your institute. We are also looking for long-term funding to mount national projects in communities across the country.