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All proceeds go towards funding workshops and PPT resources. You can donate any amount to support our trust. Institutions or Corporates can also fund long term projects in small urban and Rural communities.

Fund the Education of
Marginalised Children

The PPT in it’s decade long journey has tried to empower the youth and children from Marginsalised communities. Communities that have been negelcted by mainstream public policy and a class divided society. From the children of conservancy workers to Vitcims of Domestic Abuse in Uttar Pradesh to Adolscent Girls in the slums of Mumbai, The Photography Promotion Trust has strived to create meaningful change in their lives through Photography and the camera.
Current on-going programs of PPT include: The Education of Marginsalised Children, Setting up a residential Photography School in Maharashtra, Traveling Exhibitons, Setting up a National Network of Atrocity Victims to fight cases and a school for the Pardhi Tribe. Details about each program are listed below. You can donate to the PPT in the link below. Any amount can be donated and each donation helps the PPT further in its mission to create positive change in the society.
Building bridges between communities is one of the trust’s most important missions. This is done through participatory workshops in communities which are considered volatile or discriminated against. The PPT is seeking funds and resources to keep continung this work. Such workshops always end with exhibitions which are also sponsored by funders.
For more information on donations please write to us at:
All donations that are recieved are used strictly for PPT’s Social Programs and to run its office and staff. Following are the areas where funds are utilised.

Funds are used for PPT Office and Staff that help in gathering resources, network with stalker holders and NGOs, organise workshops, traveling exhibitions, research and plannning.

Technical Equipment for workshops like digital cameras, laptops, photography paraphenelia, venue fees. Funding for travel to remote locations and fees for professional photographers and film-makers conducting workshops.

Documenatation of communities that have on-going social issues which need to be addressed and shared with a wider audience.

Our mission is to promote social photography as a means of exploring, examining and altering the lives of the marginalised sections of society and also in the process create, inspire new photographers who can take up this mission and take it forward in their respective communities. Social Change is an ever evolving process and your contribution to the PPT’s Mission will greatly help such communities and individuals to speak out.

National Support Network for victims of atrocity cases

PPT aims to widen our support network and gather more atrocity cases and stories throughout India and drivee change by delivering these stories to the public and policy makers.

Training Photographers from smaller communities.

Promoting social documentary is our main ojective. Training Photographers in smaller communities will help reach out to more people and tell more stories.

Education through Travelling Exhibitions

The Aim is to bring stories of change, courage and resilience to parts of the country where information would not be accessible in such ways and use the exhibitions as a plattform for outreach and education.

Corporate Social Responsibility Opportunity. (CSR)

The PPT’s educational projects with underserved communities and children presents an unqiue opportunity to be taken up as CSR Projects which would drive realistic change and accomplish CSR goals.

Education for Pardhis

The Pardhis are a nomadic Tribe from the Deccan plains. Outcast and Discriminated on basis of caste and class, the Pardhis have faced persecution for centuries. In 2017, while documenting the tribe, Team PPT realised that a lack of education as an important factor in this discrimination. With the help of community leaders, PPT started the first ever Education Center for children of the Pardhi Tribe.

Bank Details
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You can also donate directly via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS to our account, details

Name: Photography Promotion Trust

Bank: Indian Bank
Account No.: 875102586
Branch: Tilak Nagar
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